Ink overflowed

Ink Overflowed

I have a nostalgic visit of Guimaras Island tonight. Well, if one can realize how sweet Guimaras mangoes are compared to Mexico’s mangoes I just had, then it is a walk down memory lane. Thanks to Ate Christine who gave me a box of mangoes from Mexico, I was able to once again make a yummy mango float. Grrr, now i start missing Iloilo and Guimaras again and of course the company of friends that made those places truly a magical one…
Which bring me to the thought of that movie I watched recently- Mr. Magorium’s Emporium. The Emporium , owned by a 243 year old eccentric man , is a magical store. It is not a toy store but a magical store. I do believe it is a magical store, because i just believe it is a magical store. If you believe it is a toy store, then it becomes a mere toy store. I guess what I am trying to say is that , we are what we believe we are.
Now can you realize there is an unrelated pattern in my thoughts? Youre right, because like Mahoney in the movie, i lost that light within me and seems can’t turn the next page in the book of life. Spring is coming soon and how i long that it will touch my soul too. I feel like I’ve been in this winter for so long. I miss the old me. But the “old me” is not anymore the “new me”, right? I can’t fit anymore in this chapter. I need to turn to the next page , where the “new me” is the one in-charge. I am not a kid anymore , that’s why my parents have to leave the ship already.
The chapters continue, regardless whoever flips it. A prayer to the Writer— May i be part of HIS happy ending too….

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