Falling off the wagon

I must admit that I started this blog to write about my weight loss. It’s been two months now since I wrote about my weight loss challenges. So far, I have shed off five pounds and this is nothing compared to the three-digit number I need to loss. And yes, I am getting impatient.


But my life is not about weight loss. During Lent, I tried limiting my time off Facebook and discovered the little corner in my soul called an introvert. I was tempted several times to post mundane pictures and turned it into a Facebook masterpiece, ( at least based on my standard) but my one-hour rule succeeded. One-hour rule means I have to wait at least hour before I open FB or give in to anything that I committed not to do. Most of the time, at the end of an hour, I found that my thoughts are better parked at my hypothalamus .


If only I can translate this facebook mortification success into weight loss.


We’ll see in the next three weeks because I have specific plans based on the science of behavior.


First, I will use one-hour rule for those food cravings that crept in the middle of the night.


Second, it is a fact that I hate running or brisk walking. In order to like it , I need to pair it with something enjoyable. That means watching Korean shows while I’m on the treadmill. Now the critical part here is to make sure that I only get access to my favorite shows when I am on the treadmill.


Third, let me try some antecedent interventions . Antecedent interventions means setting up the environment to avoid the target behavior from happening. My target behavior is overeating which is defined as eating food beyond my 1,200 calorie limit.   I have observed that target behavior typically happens after 7pm , when I just arrived from a stressful work-day or when I am upset. There are several antecedent interventions I can think of : make buying or access to food an effortful activity, make yourself busy , sleep early and don’t work beyond 8pm and drink lots of water. I just started a class on American sign language and have resumed my Spanish class. Hope those will keep me busy and think less of food.


They say , few is more, and I think that is also true with our goals. For now, please pray I will be consistent and strong.


I just   stepped on the scale again  and it showed the sad truth that I only lost five pounds and there is still 100 pounds to lose.  Before  I end this blog, I will imagine myself in my ideal weight. A prayer- may it spur me for the next three weeks!


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