Back again …not sure if it’s for good…

This is why I named my blog ” of endless beginnings”. We stumble and we pause for a long time.. Thanks be to a friend who followed me recently, I got an email from this blog and reminded me of its existence.

As of this writing, I have the same weight, same challenges, and same temptations I struggle to overcome since I can remember. I am still an ordinary person, doing an ordinary life. Nothing spectacular really , just perfecting the art of struggling.

But here is another year where we are compelled, if not just reminded to shed a new leaf. So here I am again, back to the gym. I guess, whatever I concocted as antecedent interventions to curb my overeating did not work well. The scale told me that. So , I added a personal trainer to my program. I’m a people person so probably being accountable not only to myself but to others might work. I found an all-women gym where they have a shake bar in case you need those yummy protein drinks before a work- out. Aside from that, they have a water massage room ( don’t ask me yet , I have no idea), a tanning saloon ( which the manager told me I won’t need) and a sauna. Sounds like a nice place, huh? So wish me luck and thank you for not giving up on me.