Mathusian theory is dead

With so much hype about global warming , here comes a new dvd ( that will surely land in the rotten tomato’s highest honor  and  a thumbs down among politically correct individual. It is a documentary film about  the extinction of the human family and how it affects the economy, environment and quality of life. Truly, not a “good feel “ movie for many, especially the Malthusian and Utilitarians, but I hope it will open our minds to the potentiality of human life and the possible catastrophe that would result in the decrease of human population. It is a reverse forewarning of global warming and other ecological admonitions and for sure is well ostracized in the mainstream society that applauds individuality, mother earth, bohemian living and new age thoughts.

So much really have been done to curb global warming in the past years. I thank those people who initiated the wake up call that I need to be responsible daughter of mother Earth but I hate the guts of those who wants to save whales while at the same time consider trimester abortion as mere garbage disposal. Thanks to those same humanoids, the word ” humanity” has such a murky meaning. I like animals, in fact, I had one dog named Voltron years ago , and which death I mourned with my innocent heart. I love to be with nature and I rather choose to tire myself from threading in the sea than to wade and destroy the corals. But to share my rights with animals is another crap of a story.
Perhaps I sounded so judgmental and strong in my feelings but yeah, this is what I feel and I am really angry and just want to rant here. The recent inauguration of the first African-American  president was celebrated with so much splurges that will cost us, the taxpayers a sweet 150M, amidst this ominous economic depression. But what pains my heart is that , the celebration was highlighted with the slaughters of the innocents when Pres. Obama reversed all the anti-abortion policies of the past president the very next day. Then, to add toppings to their crime desserts, Nancy Pelosi suggested that abortion and contraception should form part of the economic stimulus plan and universal health care plan. Wow! What a way of giving blessing to a killing but to do it in the name of progress and economic survival. Grrrrrr!!!

As a survivor of abortion and as a child of a mother who gave importance to life than to a choice, what can I do? Would this ranting enough to melt the heart of those who can truly make a big ripple of change. I feel so helpless! But I realize that  I also  share this sentiment with millions of people who had  fought for  the end of slavery and holocaust. Those days, the American-Africans  and the the Jews were not considered human , thus they had  limited rights. They were born marked with destined  persecution and a life of  disgrace.Thanks to the unending clamor of people of good will and a ray of grace from above, they  now have seen  the light of their dreams. One day, you too, child of God  in  a form of a fetus will be acknowledged as a human being , with innate rights, from your conception to death…Human Life is beautiful even many do not recognize this fact…