Twig for Fire

Once in a while, I do appreciate downbeat attitude thrown at me. It shows that people care, even if they plainly flooding it in a harmful way. What you just said that erupted character toxins in the air , has more or less effects on them. They have strong convictions over some issues you hate or love about, and the mere fact that they risk approval of the majority for that matter is worth a standing ovation.

Yes, I do appreciate hate words, even those from the pro-choice and pro-abortion side of the earth and yes, even an “f” sign from that reckless driver down interstate 495.

But what I hate most is apathy.

Apathy lingers everywhere. I have seen it from my high school student’s blank stare after a well prepared lesson on issues of morality, freedom and responsibilities. It caused an uncalled death of a homeless guy in downtown D.C because 160 plus people passing by were scared to stop the attacker and worst too busy to call 911. Apathy may have been the reason why a visiting man just died of heart attack in a busy hallway of a hospital in Maryland and in millions of crime and injustices around the world.

I do think in many times I am completely guilty of endorsing and living apathy in my life. Worst, I hurt people and led them away from the truth and happiness because of that. It is sad to say that those I loved are the most victimized of my version of apathy. Surely, parents know well what I am saying.

And so a resolution—to hate what I hate most ! It is hard, I know , but the mere fact I realize it, is enough to start a new beginning. And if I fail, may I not go further in the mud the next time.